Review: 2018 TiVo Bolt OTA DVR for Antennas & Cord Cutting

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today were taking a look at the brand new T Bo Bo OTA DVR this is the 20 he team model comes with a voice remote its not only a DVR but its also a streaming player with Netflix Amazon Hulu YouTube Plex Pandora and more all built in as apps right here the streamer content and its a one terabyte Fortuner version now TiVo has had a DVR for antennas with the bolt line for a while now but its also a cable box so had tuners or both cable and antenna built into one device this table bolt only has support for antennas so youll only be able to use this with antenna you wont ever be able to go and get a cable card and plug this in there but its a great option for court cutters were gonna do a lawn boxing here and well show you everything that comes with this TiVo bolt and then in the same video here about half way through I will show you how runs will talk about the features on it and more if you want to learn more you wont find this on Amazon I will pull link to it down in the show notes avoid the recommended products YouTube often puts rate below the video theyre not always the products actual review so make sure to get this version now Im reviewing here thats built specifically for antennas check the link in the show notes first off lets take a look at the remote now this is the TiVo remote its pretty remote theyve had for a while now does include voice search on it Netflix Quick Launch button the ability to skip commercials but you know a lot of people love it is programmable you can have it set up to power on and off your TV for example to control your TV with it so beefy remote it definitely is thicker than most right there but its a nice easy to use setup if youve ever had a cable DVR remote youre gonna be right at home with this TiVo remote of course it does come with batteries too dont blow your batteries on that and then heres the actual TiVo box itself this is the DVR instrument player it does have a fan built in there is a little bit families with it on the back you have two USB storage or a USB off plugs here

an external storage eSATA HDMI Ethernet which is great if you want to have Wi-Fi or Ethernet the coaxial cable to connect your antenna and an optical audio out right there and there is a remote finders you can press the spine right here to help you make a trip in noisy remote to find it if youve lost your your TiVo remote you have a pre standard but nicely colored easy-to-follow set up instructions on how to connect your TiVo to your TV it really is only about four steps super easy comes with a power cord it is a big power cord but they kind of have it south to the side which is nice works great with power strips and it comes with a HDI high speed cable here I balm this looks to be about a six foot cable which is pretty nice that is everything that comes with the TiVo bolt OTA DVR um stick up the DVR power cord HDMI manual remote and batteries alright so Im gonna go hook this all up test it out come back here and let you know what I think of the product welcome player all the T will bolt OT a DVR for a while now and its very nice if youve used a TiVo youre gonna love this if you really enjoyed your cable TV box experience and you really dont want get far from it this is probably the closest youre gonna get to a cable box with cord cutting it of course works with antennas and very traditional grid guide here like you youre used to the remote is very similar to lock in with box remotes and a lot of features are the same so heres the traditional grid guide I know a lot of people absolutely love this ability to go in the future see whats coming up I can say oh let me record this I can record um just once I can say hey I want record a season pass come in here and do things like new and reruns or just new or everything I can go in here and say I only want to keep five or twenty five recording of this keep it until spaces needed a retard Toledo it started recording early or end it late all kinds of great features I know a lot of people love the ability with TiVo seen as a pass its just very

feature-rich of course you can just go in here and set up a one-time recording isnt if youre gonna be gone you want to catch that football game you can set up for a one time according just like you would any other time and still have the ability to say hey you know football game may run a little long so lets uh lets record an extra hour to make sure we dont miss the ending of the football game so theres a lot of cool features there lets go into the guide so heres the TiVo home screen here not only do you get your shows you recorded in a set up he also get recommendations on what to watch so not only is it show me stuff on my antenna you can see here a little icon that says hey this is available on your antenna later today in back episodes are on Hulu heres one thats saying hey heres the show on Amazon Prime you may enjoy as you watch more content the recommendations here will get better so just keep that in mind one of the big selling points here is not only as a DVR for your antenna its also a streaming player with 4k built in and its got decent selection of apps its not nearly as big as a Roku and Apple TV your for our TV but they got the big ones Netflix HBO GO well amazon prime Hulu YouTube Alexa support Vudu plex MLB W Network and more all right here so these all wants to come pre-installed lets launch the Netflix real quick its a fully updated version Netflix what you want to find on a roku fire TV Apple TV very similar this is the most recent version they model theyve been rolling out to certain players right now and not only does a streaming HD if you setup it will stream in 4k this is 4k streaming not 4k with your antenna but 4k streaming through apps like Netflix which is a great feature there back to the home screen lets go into live TV so this is the live TV got the progress bar on the bottom if I press up I get a little mini guide right here which is pretty cool I can come in here and just kind of see everything coming up later today on PBS Kids and say hey you know heres everything for

while and I kind of like it very easy to see this not only do you get a the name of show you also get some cover art which is pretty cool feature and then lets go back to the menu here and yeah that is the TiVo vault now it is a premium price you are paying for the name there is ability to buy a lifetime or a yearly pass on top instead of doing a month-to-month fee on this but it does come with a terabyte internal storage this model is the Fortuner which is nice its not crazy overpriced it is competitive with other models but what youre really paying for here is the very slick user interface the remote experience of having as close to a cable experience as possible on a streaming OTA DVR instead of having to use a Roku or fire TV instead of having a guide but its not nearly as nice as maybe what you had before the TiVo really is a polished user interface and youre paying a slight premium price for that but it does a good job overall I would say hey two thumbs up if you want this experience this is important to you this is great if you want a DVR that also has Netflix Amazon ahooo built into one then youre good I know for most people thats everything they need the downside here is there are no sling TV PlayStation View DirecTV now etc on this so if youre looking for something where you could also stream ESPN through the sling TV for example youre kind of out of luck here so thats the big downside the plus side is it is awesome you pair this with a Roku you have a pretty compelling easy transition into core cutting from cable so if you have any questions let me know hey if this video helps you give it a thumbs up I would really appreciate it and hopefully we can help you learn more about core cutting every week were doing weekly court crown Q&A every Wednesday 8 p.m. Eastern every Saturday we post a weekly recap with some of the biggest stories in the world of court cutting helping you stay informed on all things court cutting of course Park reviews how-tos and more all here on our YouTube channel you can also find us over at core cars thanks for watching and please subscribe

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